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Wharton County

Project: Wharton Co CR 455, CR 472, CR 303, and CR 154

Owner: TXDOT

Location: Edna, TX

Project Value: $1,472,820.39

Project Completion: October 2019

The contract involved the reconstruction of four bridges at four different locations under one contract. CR 455 consisted of a 26 LF four barrel 10’x7’ MBC, with 85 LF of headwall on each side. CR 472 consisted of an 80 LF two span bridge using slab beams. CR 303 consisted of a 40 LF single span bridge using slab beams. CR 154 consisted of a five barrel 10’x9’ MBC with 125 LF headwall on each side.

Wharton Co CR 455 3.jpg
TXDot CR303 3.jpg
TXDot CR472.jpg
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