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Who We Are


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It's in Our Blood

Breaking ground in 2015, SB Contractors started with a small team. Years of combined experience, and a drive to build quality work, have carried us to where we are today, and paved the way for our future.

From the beginning, we have emphasized the importance of keeping a small company feel while executing large scale projects. As a byproduct of this, our customers have open communication with our whole team. We understand the importance of each project and we believe that open communication leads to success.

Our main value is building CHARACTER. We want to build great projects (and we do) but ultimately, we want to build our character as people, and our character as a business. In order to do that, we choose to focus on our safety, relationships, and doing the right thing.

We believe that because of our focus on character, our workmanship holds true. We do the job safely. We do the job right. We do the job on time. We build a product that we can and will stand behind.

If you like who we are, we'd love to talk - we don't plan on changing any time soon.

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No Excuse

It's the biggest part of our job. Our success in this area ultimately defines the success of each and every project. We believe that if a project is not safe, it cannot be successful.

There's no excuse for poor safety, that's why we employ a safety director and hold our teams to the highest safety standards.

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